See, Click, Fix: Viewer says police ignoring problems on S. Tryon

By Christine Nelson - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The 4400 block of S. Tryon in Charlotte is surrounded by multiple businesses from fast food joints, to the Arlington Suites hotel, even a church. But a viewer who writes See, Click, Fix says there are bigger problems happening here than meets the eye.

Jen writes on, "Drugs, prostitution, loitering robbery, police know this. And music from cars all night... There have been robbery's at gunpoint...the police still do not watch this area."

We visited this block of S. Tryon for two days and did not seen any loitering or suspicious activity per say. We thought the best way to handle this was notify the proper authorities about this complaint, which is now in the hands of Charlotte Mecklenburg police.

CMPD gave up these numbers saying 13 incidents, ranging from non-aggravated assault to vandalism have happened this year so far.

Of the 85 incidents that happened in 2010, twenty were drug related.

We took things a step further and directly emailed the CMPD division this area falls under. They now have this viewer's request for more patrols.

We spoke to one of the pastors with the church on that block and one of the businesses, a bait shop company. They say Jen's complaints are consistent with the issues that have been in that neighborhood. But as of late, their businesses haven't experienced any direct problems as a result.

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