Duke vs. UNC- A "little" perspective

By Kristen Hampton - bio l email

GASTONIA, NC (WBTV) - The mission today was the same as it has been several times in the last few months; find Duke and UNC fans and get them to talk about their team's chances in the NCAA tournament.

We did just that. Talked to a woman who's pulling for Duke, one who's pulling for UNC. The best one was the best that can't even spell UNC.

3-year-old Phoebe-Kate is from Gastonia. Her mother Sonja Forrester owns a company that sells an original "No Dookies" line of clothing. You might imagine the child of a fan that die-hard might have an opinion on the two teams. You just might not imagine she'd be so passionate about it.

Phoebe-Kate screams her views of Duke, "Terrible, just terrible!" You might actually replace the "r"'s in terrible with "w"'s, because that's how 3-year-old's talk.

Who will win the Championship? Check out the video for some great team picks.

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