Soup company's claims put to the test

By Kristen Hampton - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - March is National Noodle Month and Campbell's soup company sent us a press release with some facts.

They claim Charlotte is the 8th biggest consumer of their condensed chicken noodle soup. They also claim each can of the classic soup contains 32 feet of egg noodles.

We decided to put the claim to the test.

Noodle by noodle by noodle, we laid every single noodle in a can of the soup end to end. A group of people gathered in out studios to watch the experiment.

While our test wasn't exactly scientific, our noodle train only managed to stretch to 30 feet in length.

It was certainly a sight you don't see everyday, a noodle chain stretching out 30 feet long. But it's also a sight you never imagine while eating a can of the soup. That's a lot of noodles!

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