See, Click, Fix: Lane change or not

By John Carter - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A question many motorists may be facing each morning as they travel on North Tryon Street in Charlotte: in or out?

Am I supposed to be in that right lane or am I supposed to get out of it?

It's the right lane in the 93 hundred block of North Tryon Street in the University area.

As you're traveling southbound, once you pass through the intersection of Institute Circle at the Mallard Pointe Shopping Center, the right hand lane gets a little quirky.  And perhaps, confusing.

There are somewhat faded stripes, a solid lane marker stripe, and right turn arrows painted on the road.

One See, Click, Fix viewer says he believes those white stripes mean you're supposed to get over into the next lane and then you can get back in the right lane once you get past the stripes, at which point you're supposed to make a right turn at the next intersection which is JW Clay Boulevard.

The viewers says he lived in Georgia where you'd get ticketed if you drove on stripes like those.

But many drivers come right across those stripes, while others appear to wait until they're past them to get over in the right hand lane.

Another viewer wrote: "I almost get hit every time I use that lane because I am trying to get over where it is marked and not by riding out the crossed off lane. It is VERY unsafe. There have been MANY close calls there."

You can easily see as drivers in the left lane move into the right lane, while drivers who go straight through come right up on them.

I contacted the North Carolina Department of Transportation and engineers are taking action about that right hand lane.

Jen Thompson or DOT tells me: "Our plan is to remark the lines that separate the two thru lanes from the right lane, but we will also change the lane markings to indicate a thru/right combination lane up to Normandy Drive, then dropping to a right-turn only onto Normandy. "

Normandy is the next street past JW Clay Boulevard by the way.

Thompson goes on to tell me: "The contractor will be removing the existing right arrows and cross hatchings across the lanes. They will be replaced with the right/thru combination arrows, skip lines, along with right arrows and the word "ONLY" approaching Normandy Drive."

If all goes well the work could begin around April 1st.

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