Autism is no match for Eagle Scout

By Kristen Hampton - bio l email

MONROE, NC (WBTV) - When Chad Gombar was born, everything seemed fine. He was a normal baby. Chad's parents didn't start to see the signs until he was 3.

"It was crushing, because the only thing I ever knew about Autism was from watching Rain Man," Chad's mom Troyanna Helms said about getting the diagnosis.

18 years later, Chad is 22 and preparing to accept the badges of honor that make him an Eagle Scout. A feat that took 11 badges of hard work to earn.

"The hardest one for his was physical fitness, because he doesn't like to exercise," Troyanna said.

I met Chad at Wolfe School in Union County which is a school for special needs students. Chad walks the halls when he's not in class. He knocks on doors and delivers the weather report to any one that opens.

There is so much more to Chad than can be written in words. His character and charm come through best in pictures. Autism isn't why they call Chad "special".

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