ACC fans want the games back in Charlotte

By Steve Crump - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Plenty of basketball fans taking the short ride up to Greensboro for this weekend's A-C-C tournament.

It's about an hour and half drive, but some people from Charlotte believe they shouldn't have to drive at all.

They think just like the C-I-A-A, the A-C-C tournament belongs in the Queen City.

One of the mysteries of March is who will win the ACC tournament, and many fans want the big games back in Charlotte.

Lee Ragsdale made the drive from Wingate.

"Charlotte's got the best of all worlds," he said." It was in Atlanta two years ago not a good venue. Here it's a nice coliseum, but there's nothing to do around here. Charlotte you have all of the restaurants and hotels nearby."

From the fan experience to exercises of school spirit, the A-C-C tournament is a great get for any city that lands it.

Many of those in Greensboro were in Charlotte for the conference's big games three years ago, and among the memories are flashbacks of easy accessibility.

"Charlotte was a lot more convenient between sessions."

That's how Steve Thornburg of Shelby remembers it.

He said, "You could leave the afternoon sessions and walk downtown. A lot of restaurants to pick from. We live in Shelby. It's easy to drive over from Shelby."

Even sports talk show host from the Queen City who took their show on the road to the Greensboro Coliseum were hearing the same buzz.

Marc James host the drive on Charlotte's WFNZ Radio.

He said the first day of the tourney, it's slow going.

"Especially here on a Thursday, when you see a lot of empty seats. I think a lot of Charlotteans feel that it would look a lot better in Charlotte."

Meanwhile, so many people have their eyes on this coming selection Sunday, and that will determine if the Tar Heels or Blue Devils makes their way through the Queen City on the Road to the Final Four.

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