Companies raising rates due to gas

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The rising cost of gas is starting to make people feel like they can't spend money on anything else.

"At 60 to 70 dollars a tank, It's eating me alive," says motorist Bruce White.

But paying more at the pump is just the beginning.

Let's talk trash.

God Bless the USA is a disposal service operating in Union and Lancaster counties, and higher diesel prices have forced it to increase the price of its services by $2 dollars. The hike will affect over four thousand families.

Other necessities will follow suit. We've been talking about inflation at the grocery store for months, and it's about to get worse. Analysts say the cost of trucking food will be passed along to consumers.

Even things you'd never expect, like toys, are about to get more expensive. After all, many of them come from China, and it takes an awful lot of gas to get them here.

And then there's flying.

Southwest Airlines just announced it is increasing ticket fares due to fast-rising fuel prices, analysts think more companies will follow its lead.