Looking at What May Be Behind High Gas Prices

By Steve Crump - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) -We're On Your Side tracking the pain at the pump, as  gas prices continue to rise.

The average for regular in the Charlotte area is up another penny at $3.52 a gallon.

Plenty of people are angry, but what's the real story behind this surge?

Some experts say don't blame the gas companies you just need to look in the mirror.

Near the corner of Sharon and Fairview the price of petro is more than 3.60 a gallon.

That price leaves drivers like Kanika Ellis upset.

"I'm pretty angry. It takes away from a lot," she said.

But should we blame ourselves for much of this anger ?

In many cases the price of oil futures are connected to your pension or 401-K plan.

Larry Carroll has been in the financial services business for more than 30 years, and sees the surging prices as a predictable trend in the market.

Carroll said, "For those who have that ability and flexibility within their retirement plan and can invest in it, it can be a good thing."

When it comes to Libya, consider perception and reality. Just two percent of the world's oil comes from that troubled country and most of it is shipped to Europe.

Some of those putting up with higher prices are finding personal profits, but these days a common request comes from a new kind of water cooler conversation.

Helen Penter has one simple request regarding high gas prices.

"Stop the madness, stop it."

Madness connected to an ever changing market.

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