See, Click, Fix: Sidewalk Trip

By John Carter - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - We're going on a trip.  But not that kind of trip.  Unfortunately, it's the kind of trip you might take if you're walking along a particular sidewalk in north Charlotte.

We went to David Taylor Drive in north Charlotte, not far off Harris Boulevard.  Many businesses and industries are located along the road.

We found what looks as if could be some water issues.  There was water in the road near a manhole cover.  Ground beneath the roadway has apparently eroded and there's a big hole.

But that's not why we went there.  We found one heck of a buckled sidewalk.

A viewer wrote See, Click, Fix: "There is a big section of sidewalk that has raised up. This is very hazardous for the runners and walkers using."

That's no exaggeration.

The folks we saw walking along the sidewalk basically had to go around on the grass or the curb. The section of sidewalk has broken and cracked and it clearly poses a problem.

That's not the case any longer at another sidewalk.  This one in west Charlotte, we went to Wilkinson Boulevard at the entrance to the Westerly Hills Plaza Shopping Center.

A viewer had written See, Click, Fix saying: "The sidewalk is heaved up in two places."

I'm glad to report the issue has been fixed.

A stretch of new sidewalk was recently poured and these cones and caution tape are expected to come down soon.

Meanwhile, I contacted the Charlotte Department of Transportation about the sidewalk along David Taylor Drive and got a very quick response.

It appears a utility came in and cut the sidewalk to install a utility line underground under the sidewalk.

The city has now placed safety cones on the location until it can determine the utility that made the cut.

The city will then proceed to repair the sidewalk and charge back the cost to the appropriate utility.

CMUD has also been contacted about the water leak in the street.  We'll keep you posted on that.

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