Abused pig getting a home inside an office

By Kristen Hampton - bio l email

CLOVER, SC (WBTV) - Melissa Stone never imagined she'd have a pig on her farm in Clover. She's got dozens of dogs, cats and horses but never before has she had a pig.

That was before she found the lonely looking pig at Gaston County Animal Control.

"I couldn't just leaver her there in a place where she didn't know why she was there," said Stone, an animal rescue owner.

Stone fostered the pig. She took the pig back so it could be auctioned. She bought the pig at the auction for $250.

"They'll be coming in about 2 weeks to pick her up so she can be their office pet for their rescue in Northern Virginia," Stone said of the group that put up the cash to pay for the pig now dubbed Juliet.

Melissa and Juliet have become quite attached in the last few weeks, making it harder to send the pig off to her new, happy life.

"It'll be hard. I always look at it like when we adopt or find an animal we can always save another one. I have to look at it like, I can't keep them all," she says with a laugh and a huge smile.

Stone's rescue has dozens of adoptable cats and dogs, for more information on her rescue group, check out her website at http://hicfarms.com/#/animal-rescue/4545515383

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