Beware the email from the photocopier

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) -  It's a piece of office equipment you might use ever day.

Newer photocopiers are handy because you scan the image and email it to someone.  It saves time and paper.  However, WBTV's cyber expert Theresa Payton wants you to think twice before you open that attached file.


  1. Some emails might be addressed to you indicating the attachment is from a Xerox printer but other printers might be used
  2. The From:  or Sent by: might be a vague reference such as "Guest" or "Sender"
  3. If you did not get a heads up that you are getting an attachment, that's usually a sign


  1. Do not open the PDF without calling the sender first
  2. If you cannot identify the sender, consider marking the email as spam so it can be investigated
  3. If you did open a PDF, run your antivirus and antimalware software to see if it finds and cleans the infection
  4. Seek help from your computer manufacturer if your computer runs slow, or the fan runs continuously or the hard drive lights up even when you are not saving or opening files

To see a sample from the PDF copier scam, check out what the M86 researchers found at:


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