See, Click, Fix: Warning signs for drivers being removed, NCDOT says

By Christine Nelson - bio l email

Charlotte, NC (WBTV) - This was us in January after learning about a street sign that was barely visible through some Leland Cypress trees. Passing drivers could only see about 1/3 of the yellow sign on Rea Road, right at the Mecklenburg/Union County line.

We could only make out the first two words on the sign: "Bridge ices." Before long we figured out it says "Bridge Ices Before Road", a warning for drivers before they cross the bridge going to the next county.

It's a problem See, Click, Fix brought to the attention of NC-DOT.

We thought the solution to this fix would entail a couple branches being cut back so the sign would no longer be obstructed and drivers could see it passing by.

There were a few branches cut back alright, enough so the entire was removed.

In fact, NCDOT says there is an effort to remove all of these 'Bridge Ices Before Road' signs across the state.


This is the email WBTV's Christine Nelson received from NCDOT: "...mainly due to the fact that it's common knowledge that bridges will ice prior to road surfaces, so this is going to be an ongoing process."

With the kind of winter we had, some may argue that theory. Or possibly find out the hard way when the brunt of the winter season rolls around again.

NCDOT's answer still left us scratching our heads.

Is the bridge icing during cold weather really common knowledge?

Is it worth the money and time removing all the signs statewide?

These are questions we're posing to state officials right now, we'll keep you posted their answers.

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