Death penalty off the table for Elisa Baker, defense attorney withdraws

By Steve Ohnesorge - bio l email

HICKORY, NC (WBTV) – Prominent defense attorney Lisa Dubs has withdrawn as co-counsel in representing Elisa baker who was indicted this week on a charge of second degree murder.

Dubs said her specialty is in Capital cases, where the death penalty is a possible punishment.

Following the Grand Jury decision Dubs said, "I feel like my job is done."

Dubs acknowledged that an agreement had been made last fall between Elisa Baker and the District Attorney's Office.

"She agreed to go out and help them recover the remains of Zahra Baker."

Dubs would not say if the agreement depended on the D.A. not seeking first degree murder charges but did say she stayed on the defense team "until we reached the point that all the terms of the agreement were complied with."

That point came this week after the Grand Jury action.

Dubs also defended the actions of the defense team investigator who recovered what has been described as a key piece of evidence from the house in Hickory where Zahra lived.

She said it did not overstep the bounds of the defense. The item was turned over to police. Sources have told WBTV news that the item was a "cutting implement."

The autopsy of Zahra Baker's remains said there was evidence of cut marks on some of the bones.

Elisa Baker remains in jail under a bond in excess of 300 thousand dollars. Her next court date is April 4th, where she will be arraigned and is expected to tell a judge whether she will plead guilty, or not guilty.

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