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New jobs are not dispersed equally

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Today's unemployment stats came as a pleasant surprise to economists like John Silvia.

"For Charlotte, in our area, certainly the next year much more positive than last year," he said.

Sylvia and his peers have been telling us for weeks that the jobs outlook is improving, but now they've learned it's happening even faster than they predicted. Businesses are finally creating more jobs than they're shedding, and that is great news.

But there's a problem with those new jobs.

They're not being distributed equally. Not even close.

We saw a steep decline in unemployment in January powered almost exclusively by men. Less than one out of every 20 new job openings went to women.

"I've been unemployed for like two years now, and I've been looking," one young woman told us today. "They always say come back later or we're not taking applications, but I've see a lot of men getting jobs quick."

And if you're chronically unemployed, you're in trouble too.

This week, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reviewed some disturbing signs, according to the A.P., including an ad for a restaurant position saying "applicants must be employed," a phone manufacturer's posting saying "no unemployed candidates will be considered," and a tech company's ad claiming "it would not consider anyone NOT currently employed regardless of any reason."

Charlotte resident Quentin Kyrate says discrimination against the's why he can't get hired, despite holding two degrees.

"Personally, I just think you're not giving a person a chance," he said. 

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