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WBTV preferred media formats and delivery methods

High Definition


-          4:2:2@HL
-           16x9 (1920x1080)
-          45Mbps
-           29. 97 fps


-          MPEG or PCM audio
-          2 to 8 channels
-          384kbps
-          48KHz
-         we accept and air 5.1 audio 

Standard Definition


-          4:2:2 NTSC
-           4x3 (720x512)
-          18-20Mbps
-          29.97 fps


-          MPEG or PCM audio
-          2 channels
-          192 - 384kbps
-          48kHz


 Please have all files named the same as the ISCI number in which traffic refers to. Files should be exported without slate. Start of file should be first frame of video and end of file should be last frame. High definition file names should comply with the widely accepted industry standard of ending in the letter H. This is important so our transcoders can automatically know how to handle the file.

 ** HD Creative should be center-cut safe (HD items that air on our 3.2 SD channel are center-cut down converted)

 ** We up convert and down convert as needed for our SD and HD channels so keep creative in original aspects and let us up and or down convert. This will help against unwanted letterboxing or postage stamp style video.

 ** We prefer all audio to be normalized to -24 LFKS per the ITU-R BS.1770-1 standard and the CLAM act.

 ** We prefer the agency to provide a FTP site we can monitor or pull content from. If you cannot provide an FTP site with download instructions please contact our content coordinator below and he will provide you credentials for a WBTV FTP site you can upload too.

 ** When uploading files they should not be zipped and should have a valid .mpg or .mov file extension

 For any other formats and delivery methods please contact


Jason Griffin
WBTV Content Coordinator



Mike Gurthie
WBTV Chief Engineer

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