Missing wallet containing $2,400 returned to owner

By Kristen Hampton - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A lot of neighbors in the Dilworth community of Charlotte remember Michael in what he calls his, 'darkest days'. Michael would roam the streets usually drunk and high. He would beg for money to get his next fix.

That's why some of those same people might be surprised to know that Michael just found almost $2,500 laying on the ground in an envelope and he didn't keep it. He wasn't even tempted to keep it.

"I always say there's some good in everybody, and well, that day my goodness showed through," said Michael from his home at Hope Haven which is a recovery center for addicts.

The man everybody had given up on, written off as a lost cause, hasn't had a drink or a drug in 18 months. He's not the same gaunt looking disheveled man who roamed the streets either. Michael has gained some weight. He's dressing sharp every day while out searching endlessly for a job.

Michael could have used the money he found that day, but instead he tracked down the owner after finding a name printed on a check. He gave the money back. "She was so very grateful," he said.

And he's grateful too, for another chance at life.