Waka Flocka suspects impacted by crime at young age

By Sharon Smith - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Xavier Hoover is one of six suspects facing charges relating to an east Charlotte shootout where police say at Atlanta-based rapper was targeted last week.

He and the five other suspects have either witnessed or been involved in a life of crime from a very young age.

Hoover was 11 years old in December of 2000, when a neighborhood friend was shot and killed on the basketball court in Westerly Hills Park. Police say children discovered the body.

"It just made me nervous. He was like a cousin to me," said Hoover, back in 2000.

WBTV interviewed several children at the crime scene that day. Seven of the five youngsters now have criminal records, including Hoover.

"And people say, 'Why?'" said Veteran homicide detective Garry McFadden. "It's a cycle of violence that we don't stop spinning."

McFadden worked the Westerly Hills murder ten years ago, and said the victim was shot by another teen.

There's no way to know how the murder may have impacted Hoover long-term, but McFadden said there needs to be more follow-up with children who have connections to serious crime.

Hoover and his associates charged in the recent Charlotte shooting all have criminal backgrounds.

One suspect had been shot during a home invasion as a teenager, another suspect had been linked to several gang shootings, another suspect served time for armed robbery.

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