County Commissioner talking to DA about charges

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - County Commissioner Jim Pendergraph said he has spoken to the District Attorney about whether the law was broken when County Manager Harry Jones released part of Pendergraph's personnel file.

Two weeks ago, Jones sent an email to other commissioners say he made an exception to county rules when Pendergraph retired from the office of Sheriff several years ago. Jones said Pendergraph was paid beyond the county allowance for accepted sick and vacation leave.

Pendergraph fired back and said he accrued that time and was never paid above the allowed amount to his knowledge.

The dust-up comes after Jones was criticized for negotiating a $100,000 payout to former Mental Health Director Grayce Crockett. Crockett recently resigned amid financial questions. Jones never sought approval from the County Commission, nor told them in a timely manner.

Commission Chairman Jennifer Roberts said all parties involved need to resolve their issues and move forward with the county business. She said the board will give Jones an annual review this summer, and they will not take that process lightly.

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