Stretching Your Dollar: Apps that save

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CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – Food Lion is making grocery shopping much easier with an app for your iPhone that allows you to capitalize on their weekly specials.  The Food Lion app lets you browse the store's specials by department or by aisle.  The phone application is part of a new wave of phone apps designed to put the consumer in control with money saving deals right at your fingertips.

I met up with Steve Saunders, Interactive Marketing Manager for Food Lion stores.  He's been working with the team that developed the software.  He told me, it's easy to use, "It's not complicated at all.  You can see what's on sale at any given time, at work, at home, while you're shopping even."

Think of the app as a new digital version of your typical weekly circular.   We found ground chuck on special.  With just a tap on your iPhone you can find all kinds of recipes that you might use chuck in.  "We have hundreds of recipes in the program now, and hope to eventually have thousands," said Saunders.   The recipes include all the ingredients you'll need as well as complete cooking instructions.

Saunders points out that Food Lion slogan promises 'more ways to save' and with this app he says it's more convenient than ever.  "As more people buy phones this year more and more are migrating to smart phone, the interface is very easy to use, the software is very intuitive, and very helpful," according to Saunders.

While the iPhone is a little too pricey for some, there are so many apps to help you save it might be worth the investment, certainly something worth crunching the numbers for.  Keep in mind, Food Lion is working on an app that will work for the droid phones as well.

Below is a list of links to other free apps for your iPhone.

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