See, Click, Fix: Directional Arrow Repainted

By John Carter - bio l email

CHARLOTTE (WBTV) - We first told you about this problem in north Charlotte in November.

It involves a right turn lane along University City Boulevard at the intersection into the Target shopping center.

Despite this lane being clearly marked as a right turn lane, many motorists ignored that and would go straight ahead.

That could cause traffic problems if drivers in the next lane weren't expecting drivers in the turn lane to go straight, rather than turn right.

I talked to the folks at the State Department of Transportation about the issue and engineers took a look.

As it turns out, drivers are supposed to be able to go straight through the intersection and at one time, there was a straight arrow painted on the road way.

But there was recent road work in the area and when it was finished, the arrow on the road wasn't repainted properly.

Following our See, Click, Fix investigation, the problem has now been fixed.

Crews have been out and added a straight arrow to the right turn arrow painted on the road.

Now drivers can clearly see it's okay to either go straight at this intersection or turn right.

Just having that straight turn arrow there will clear up a lot of confusion, and certainly make that intersection safer.

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