Pass 3 On: Faith in good deeds

By Brigida Mack - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - This week, I took my sign to Belmont looking to Pass 3 On. I set up shop outside the local Roses store and waited. It took awhile but I soon met Barbara Littlejohn.

She knew all about Pass 3 On and that she wanted to pass it to a fellow church member and friend, Essie McGill.

"She does a lot of work in the church," said Littlejohn. "I don't know her finances but I know she's on a fixed income.

She also told McGill never hesitated to do for other people. "She's very giving," Littlejohn said. "She runs a soup kitchen at the church."

Widowed a few years ago, McGill now lives alone in Mt. Holly. Littlejohn knows her friend probably struggles to make ends meet, but says she never complains or turns down an offer to help out.

"I just figure that you know it's not that easy for her," she said. "But she manages and she don't ask nobody for nothing."

Normally our surprise visit catches folks off guard. But when we arrived at McGill's hope she didn't hesitate to let us in even though she didn't know why our cameras were there.

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