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On The Road: Discovery Place Explores Race

By Liz Horton - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Black and white, short and tall-- differences in humans seem obvious to the eye, but Discovery Place is setting out to break those stereotypical boundaries.

"What anthropologists have discovered is that there is no single gene that can separate humans according to race," said Logan Stewart.  She showed me around the RACE exhibit, open through May 8.

While there, I ran into fifth grader Nehemiah Mills. I asked him what race means. "It means different people," he said.

Rebecca Davis says we can all learn from children.  "Look at how the children interact with one another, because children do not know hatred.  They do not know race unless they are taught race and hatred."

The exhibit has personal meaning for her. "My fiance is African American, I'm white, and my parents thought it would be interesting to see it," Davis said. 

You'll have the chance to learn characteristics by geography, read excerpts from multi racial people, and experience the science of skin. 

Teacher Christopher Knox, says it teaches children an invaluable lesson. "I think our school system is pretty diverse, and this is going to help benefit that diversity and help with the understanding of different cultures and different ways of doing things," Knox said.

To some it's more than just a science exhibit.

"Cultural, life learning, life lessons, that everyone needs to know. I think everyone in Charlotte should come here for themselves at least one time and see what the exhibit has," said Davis.

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