Blogger loses 120 pounds, helps revamp your New Year's resolutions

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Every year it's a road many travel: a journey to a healthy life. But every year, many people simply run out of gas.

"The biggest struggle people have is wanting to lose weight quickly," YMCA instructor Kate Wheeler said.

Motivation goes down and progress is right behind it. But there are the ones who just keep pushing; people like Ben Davis, an avid 5K runner, marathoner and ironman.

"It can be daunting, but it can also be exciting, he said.

One might think that's easy for Ben to say now, until you hear the story of his then. Christmas Day 2008, Ben weighed 360 pounds.

"One night my grandmother just asked me if I was happy and I had to be honest with myself and I said 'I'm not and haven't been in a really long time'."

That night, Ben made a promise to his grandmother. He would get his life back.

"I understand how easy it can be to sit on Facebook and tweet all night, every night. But if you actually want to do something like this, you really have the tools necessary to do it."

Ben started getting his life back by changing his diet, working out and most importantly -- not stopping.

WEB EXTRA: Watch Ben's 120 pound weight loss journey

Three things kept Ben on track: accountability to his grandmother; motivation and support from his father and brother; and a personal desire to finish what he started.

"You'll see the numbers dropping on the scale, the belts getting smaller, but it's more about the emotional side. You'll find that once you take one area of your life, other things are going to start changing," he said in a Skype interview.

Ben chronicled his journey in a moving YouTube video, in addition to the blog he writes -- titled "Ben Does Life."

Ben finally got that life back -- 120 pounds worth and counting.

"The biggest reward in all of this is, now I'm satisfied, but I'm also working to keep being satisfied and that's what this is all about."

Ben is bringing his 'Do Life' tour to Charlotte this summer.  Find out more about his tour, here.