Cover Story: NFL labor pains

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Blaming the Big Cat?  Next year's NFL season is in limbo.  And some people say Panthers owner Jerry Richardson is the reason we won't see pro football again in 2011.

We're talking about a new NFL collective bargaining agreement.  The deadline for players and the league to strike a deal is three weeks from Thursday.  And, of course one of the sticking points is money.

And when you're talking about millionaires versus billionaires, it's hard to feel sorry for anyone.

That's why both sides need a scapegoat - a guy to blame.  And it looks like that guy is Jerry Richardson.

Why blame the Big Cat?  Apparently that's what's happening and what's being said about the NFL labor talks which are being kept secret.

Richardson is the point man for the owners.  The question is he really being a bully or is he being portrayed as one by the other side?

PrimeTime's Jeff Atkinson reports in our Cover Story.