Airline's heavy bag hike could send you packing

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Starting March 1, bags that exceed U.S. Airway's 50 pound weight allowance will cost you between 75 and 80% more than they do right now.

The whole thing got us thinking about alternatives, and comparatively speaking, we found some really cheap ones at The UPS Store on Camden Rd.

The store's owner, Gary Barveau, says if you brought him a suitcase weighing just over 50 pounds and wanted to get it to, say, Chicago in two days, it would cost you about $17.

But if your bag weighs between 51 and 70 pounds, U.S. Airways will be charging you $90 bucks plus its standard checked bag fee for a grand total of $115 each way.

And if your bag weighs between 71 and 100 pounds, you'll be shelling out a grand total of $200 each way.

"It seemed excessive to me," Barveau says.

You can also get a 51-pound bag to Vegas for $49 dollars at Barveau's shop. Sure beats U.S. Airway's price of $115. But we're talking ground shipping. It will take four days to get there, so you do have to plan ahead.

You can get a 71 pound bag to Chicago, though, in just two days and it'll only cost you $39 dollars.

Compare that to U.S. Airway's $200 price tag, and shipping your bag before you get to the airport is starting to sound like a no-brainer.