A crime is solved because one man says he felt obliged to help another

Charlotte, NC - Usually, police need your help to help solve a crime.

Tonight, a crime is solved because one man says he felt obliged to help another human being.

On Saturday night, January 15th, Robert Hall, 55, apparently stepped off a median trying to cross Albemarle Road at W. T. Harris Boulevard. He was hit by a car and killed.

Police aren't sure if Hall tripped or fell into the street, but a witness who wishes to remain anonymous says he saw what appeared to be a bag of trash.

"The vehicle in front of me, he swerved, so I swerved," says the witness.

But the witness says the car in front of him ran over something.

"When he hit, the way he hit the whole car lifted off the ground and he was like, trying to get control of the car."

At this point, the witness knew it was no garbage bag.

"I noticed he was looking out the window, looking back, wondering should I stop, should I keep going, but he didn't do that."

"My first instinct was, it was a man there, he kept going, let me get his license plate."


He kept going and I asked the witness why he decided to take down the license plate.

"Because it was somebody's son, somebody's uncle, somebody's brother. Because the man was human and he didn't deserve it."

The witness did the right thing when he got home and called Crimestoppers with the license and car description. Two days later, police arrested Mache Darby, 26, and charged him with felony hit and run, driving with a revoked license and possession of marijuana.

If you can help police solve a crime, call Crimestoppers at (704) 334-1600 and you could earn a reward of up to $5,000.