See, Click, Fix: Bad leak not considered an "emergency"

By Christine Nelson - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - This is what greeted us as we walked up to the problem spot on Brandermill Place in Charlotte. The leak already too much for the ground immediately surrounding it.

The ground so saturated the water found its way to this nearby drain.

Probably the only thing that's keep this already bad situation from getting worse.

The water sounds like a waterfall as it falls into a nearby drain. The consistent story that we are getting from neighbors is that this latest leak has been going on for at least a couple months.

WBTV's Christine Nelson knocked on the property owner's front door to find out what they've been told, about getting the problem fixed. They weren't home. But what we observed was enough to conclude that this problem definitely needed to be fixed.

We called our contact person at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Utilities Department. They said someone would be sent that same day to investigate.

CMUD says the leak is going to be fixed. But, they say, they don't consider this an emergency leak. So others leaks will be fixed first, before they finally get to this one on Brandermill Place.