Fans react to UNC/Duke rivalry

By Kristen Hampton - bio l email

LOWELL, NC (WBTV) - The first time the two teams played was in 1920. Duke took Carolina 19-18 in a basketball game. One of the most intense rivalry's in college sports was born.

As the big game gets set to start, the intensity was on, just like the barbeque, at Kyle Fletchers Barbeque in Lowell.

"This is Tar Heel Country, everybody in here's a Tar Heel," said restaurant owner Kyle Fletcher.

The walls are covered from top to bottom in UNC memorabilia. Most of the patrons are indeed Tar Heels, except for a handful of Duke fans stashed away at a corner table.

We also found a 3-year-old patron wearing a shirt emblazoned with "No Dookies" on the front. Phoebe-Kate's mother Sonja Forrester started the "No Dookies" brand because of her own passion for the Tarheels.

Phoebe-Kate says she doesn't like Duke because, "They're so terrible."