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Man saves dog, injured girl grateful

BELMONT, NC (WBTV) - Right there  in the middle of South Point Road in Belmont, was a dog who didn't stand a chance.

"I knew that it had been run over so I immediately pulled over," said passerby Gregg Stokes.

Although the dog was injured, it wasn't all that bad. Little did Gregg know, the dog belonged to someone who would steal his heart.

Heather Siebert was paralyzed in a violent car crash just last June. "Shorty" was her best friend and the reunion was absolutely priceless.

"When I'm having my bad days, my mom and dad just put Shorty on my bed and let him lay here with me," said Heather Siebert.

Shorty wasn't seriously injured. Greg went around asking who he belonged to. He went to South Point High School where Heather was a student. Right away everyone knew who the dog belonged to.

"It was a resetting of myself on the inside I guess you could say," Gregg said about the experience. From a perfect stranger to now being more like a part of the family. Gregg is happy he went to the store that night.

And Heather is happy her best friend is back, and one extra.

"I'm just happy that it happened like this, and that Mr. Stokes is a part of my life."

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