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Former NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield settles lawsuit with stepmother

Lisa Mayfield in an arrest mugshot from the fall of 2009. Lisa Mayfield in an arrest mugshot from the fall of 2009.

STATESVILLE, NC (WBTV) - A slander lawsuit filed by Lisa Mayfield in summer 2009 against former NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield has been settled, Lisa Mayfield's attorney told WBTV. 

The case was settled Tuesday afternoon between the parties, who were set to go to trial Wednesday in Iredell County, said Christina E. Clodfelter.  The settlement itself is confidential, but Jeremy Mayfield has issued a signed apology to his stepmother.

The whole issue stemmed from a court filing from NASCAR in 2009 regarding allegations against Jeremy Mayfield.

NASCAR said in its filings that the "A" sample had levels of methamphetamine consistent with habitual users who consume high doses. The filing also claimed Jeremy Mayfield and his attorneys failed to select a qualified laboratory to test the backup "B" sample.

The filing also included an affidavit from Mayfield's stepmother,  Lisa Mayfield, who claimed in the affidavit that she personally witnessed her son-in-law using methamphetamine at least 30 times in seven years and that he raced while high on drugs.

That sparked Mayfield to say this to WBTV's Sarah Batista in mid-July 2009: "She was part of conspiring or she killed my dad, so this is a lady is who is desperate for anything," Mayfield said in a video clip that was available only on   "She's mad at me, she hates me.  I wanted my dad to be here today and not shot in the heart with a .357 pistol."

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Mayfield's father's death was ruled a suicide in September 2007, and several months later those same findings were confirmed after a second investigation. 

Lisa Mayfield told investigators she found her husband shot to death in the couple's Rowan County home.  Two guns and drug paraphernalia were taken from the home at the time.

At the time, Mayfield said he planned to file a wrongful death suit against his stepmother.  Mayfield also said at the time he was taping a documentary that will prove his innocence.

A lawsuit that Jeremy Mayfield filed against NASCAR was thrown out by a US District judge in May of 2010.

Mayfield has sold his race shop and equipment located on Highway 49 in Harrisburg, NC. 

The apology from Mayfield on Tuesday said:

"I have previously made statements to the press in which I accused Lisa Mayfield of either murdering my father, Terry Mayfield, or being involved in a conspiracy to murder him. Those statements were made in the heat of my emotional state at the time. I now retract those statements and apologize to Lisa for having made them."

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