Charlotte Woman Offers "No Questions Asked" Reward After Home Break-In

By Paul Cameron - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A Charlotte woman is offering a "no questions asked" reward for return of her stolen cameras and computer.

Mary Mac Stallings came home from work to find her apartment broken into, trashed and robbed. It was a terrible feeling.

"Just mortified," said Stallings, "I was like shaking, like, 'oh my God,' this just didn't happen to me."

Luckily, when CMPD dusted her broken front window for fingerprints, they noticed the next door neighbor's outdoor surveillance camera. And the neighbor who Mary had never met before, had video of the crime as it happened.

It shows two men pulling up in a 2001 burgundy colored Pontiac Aztec about 30 minutes after Stallings left for work. They waited. Then, one went to her front window and pried out the screen. They returned to the car, wondering if anyone would notice. No one did.

Both men then entered Stalling's apartment and ransacked it for 20 minutes.

"It's such a violation, I have two kitty cats and they're still traumatized," said Stallings, "I think they may have kicked one because it's now skittish and it wasn't that way before."

The surveillance video also shows the two men leaving with Stalling's computer, still and video cameras and other items.

Stallings wants her electronics back for sentimental reasons. She wrote poetry on her computer. She has vacation photos on the cameras. But there's something more. She wants her privacy back.

"And they know what I look like, all my pictures are on there," said Stallings.

Which is why her employer, Mark Clackum, is offering a reward of $500-- no questions asked.

"Bring the computer back, bring the camera back, we'll give $500 on the spot."

Clackum works at Southern Resources on Raleigh Street, not far from the break-in. He can be reached at 704-342-1696.

Clackum is paying $500, but a Crimestoppers tip might be worth $5,000.

Call 704-334-1600 if you know anything about two men in a 2001 burgundy Pontiac Aztec.

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