Unemployed say new NC website makes job search even harder

By Melissa Hankins - bio l email

LINCOLN COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - You can see the pain in his face, and hear it in his voice.

"In June of this last year, I lost the position I was in..." says Jonathan Havis, of Lincolnton. It's clear the last thing he needs right now is another setback.

But he says that's exactly what he got the last time he logged on to the North Carolina Employment Security Commission's job search engine, which the ESC recently updated.

In fact, several of our viewers have written us to say they don't get the changes. "It takes twice as long to search for a job," one says. "and it is harder to navigate...I just don't understand why they had to change it."

"Now you just have to jump through hoop after hoop," says Havis. "Can you see how frustrating this is for me? I've been around computers for 25 years!"

The state, however, is defending and explaining the new system. The following text is from a statement the ESC provided WBTV:

"The ESC recently implemented a new program called N.C. JobConnector.
The purpose of N.C. JobConnector is to better connect employers and job seekers. This program was created as a result of feedback from our customers.
While this new format has a different look and feel to our customers, we believe that the benefits far outweigh any short-term negatives.  This new program allows for employers and customers to better manage their relationship.

While users will notice a different way to input their information into the system, we feel that the time spent by customers to manage their profile will greatly benefit them in the long run.  The more information the customer inputs the more jobs they are likely to be matched with.

By allowing a more comprehensive profile, the employer will likely be matched up with the best candidate. While taking time to input information may seem like a "delay," features in the program actually make search results quicker. N.C. JobConnector allows staff to gather much more detail from job seekers and employers in order to utilize the key feature of the system — automatching.
As a result of customer feedback, we are currently enhancing the system to allow the customer the ability to look at all available jobs in a particular county. Our goal is to have the best job connection tool for employers and job seekers.
Our staff in all 89 offices statewide is available to assist any customers who may experience difficulty in navigating the new job search tool." 

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