Crimestoppers: Murder of bar owner unsolved

By Paul Cameron - bio | email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A well-known owner of a local bar was gunned down, in his club, in the middle of the day.

Police have an eyewitness, but only a few leads. Now, they're hoping you can help solve the mystery of the Get-A-Way lounge murder.

Roosevelt Hinton, 68, owned and operated the Get-A-Way Lounge for nearly 40-years. It is one of the last buildings you see on Wilkinson Boulevard as you head out of Mecklenburg toward the Catawba River.

By many accounts, Hinton was well-known, well-loved, and a patriotic man whose signs on his lounge implored people to, "Stand By Our Troops."

He also had a sign outside that tolerated no loitering, no drinking and no guns.

But on the Thursday before Halloween, someone walked in with a gun and used it.

"He was shot, shot one time," says CMPD Detective Dave Osorio.

Osoroio says Hinton was opened his business early while waiting on a beer delivery.

When the beer truck driver got near, he noticed a man leaving the lounge with something unusual for that time of day.

"He had a beer," said Osorio, "it appeared to him he was drinking a beer, as he was coming out of the Get-A-Way Lounge and got into a two-door black Honda Accord."

When the beer truck driver went inside the Get-A-Way to make his delivery, he found Hinton dead on the floor.  A small amount of money was missing.

"We're still investigating other factors, but right now it appears to be robbery."

The problem for Detective Osorio is there's no surveillance and only one person who may have seen the killer.

"I'm relying on any witness I can find, said the detective.   "There's got to be somebody out there who knows what happened and will do the right thing and come forward and provide us with the information to solve this murder."

The man leaving the lounge is described as a black male with medium build about 5' 10" tall.  He left in a black two-door Honda Accord with something vulgar written across the rear quarterpanel.

If you can help, call Crimestoppers at could earn a reward of up to $5,000.

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