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See, Click, Fix: Street Sign Typo

By Christine Nelson - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - This is Margaret Wallace Road. The windy two-lane road runs east of Independence Boulevard. Based on the See, Click, Fix post I printed before coming out here, a viewer writes to us: "Street sign misspelled"

The "Margaret" in Margaret Wallace is spelled M-A-R-G-A-R-E-T. But go to the street sign at the 3200 block and this is what you'll see.

Can you tell what's missing?? Ask for a vowel here...and you'll miss the chance to solve this puzzle!

It's the letter "R" that's missing on both sides of the sign, between the first letter "A" and the letter "G."

WBTV Reporter Christine Nelson took pictures with her trusty camera phone not necessarily to post on Facebook, but to send to Charlotte DOT to find out when it will be removed and changed.

CDOT emailed back after bringing it to their attention . Right now officials have CDOT operations looking into it.

We drove a few more miles on Margaret Wallace Road to check if other street signs had typos too. Only the one sign was misspelled.

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