Mooresville Mayor at center of controversy over emails to alleged mistress

By Sarah Batista - bio l email

MOORESVILLE, NC (WBTV) - The Mooresville Board of Commissioners are considering whether or not to ask Mooresville Mayor Chris Montgomery to resign amidst allegations of emails to an alleged mistress.

Montgomery used his work email address to send the emails. WBTV obtained the emails through a public records request.

In one email dated December 4th 2010,  Montgomery writes to a woman who is not his wife and says, "I love you and promise we will be together without hurting anyone."

The woman writes back, "email is making me nervous".

"The feedback that I've gotten is, this doesn't look good for the town," said Mac Herring, Mooresville Town Commissioner.

Herring says the whole ordeal has become a distraction for the board.

Some citizens have asked for Mayor Montgomery to resign.

"There are some board members who would probably like him to resign, there are some who would think it's in the best interest. I'm reserved at this point, I just need to see what the facts are," said Herring.

Herring says he emailed the Mayor last week telling him the board is concerned about his behavior and is working on an action plan.

In an email response, Mayor Montgomery admitted his actions were inappropriate.

He wrote, "My acts were short-sighted, selfish, and lacked integrity. While Mayor, the interests and welfare of the town should be top priority. They will be moving forward."

Montgomery also refers to his wife as his "rock" and says the couple plans to begin marriage counseling.

Herring says Montgomery's poor choices are unfortunate.

"He really wants to make the most of this and move forward, it's a matter of public perception whether he's able to do so," said Herring.

Commissioners plan to meet on what to do next in February.

They can't force him to resign unless he commits a felony, but they can ask him to resign.

They are also looking into changing their code of conduct.

Montgomery is in his second year of office.