See, Click, Fix: Viewer asks, "Sign! What Sign?"

By Christine Nelson - bio l email

Charlotte, NC (WBTV) - If this were a game of hide and seek this street sign on Rea Road in Blakeney found a pretty good hiding spot. You can only see about a third of the yellow sign peeping through the Leylands Cypress trees.

Up close, it's not any easier to trying to figure out what the sign says. And drivers probably agree. Dave of Waxhaw writes on our See, Click, Fix page,"You can see the tip of a sign, but what it may say is a mystery...."

The first two words on the sign are "BRIDGE ICES..." That's what we were able to decipher after pulling back a few branches. There were other clues that lead to our final conclusion to what our "BRIDGE ICES...." sign says.

"I bet the rest of it says 'BEFORE ROAD'," says WBTV's Christine Nelson peering through the branches. That's because about 20 yards from that spot there's a bridge that crosses into Union County from Mecklenburg County. So it warns drivers to say bridge ices before road.

Clearly a warning sign...and a much needed one for drivers to see with the kind of ice we dealt with last week that was still hanging around.

We contacted Charlotte DOT and brought it to their attention. They have now asked a CDOT investigator to check it out.

The investigator found out even though the sign is within city limits, it's an NCDOT installed sign on a state-maintained road.

They say they are now in contact with the NCDOT to alert them and seek a resolution.

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