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How to pay for a honeymoon without spending a dime

Brian Soash and Bari Lanning Brian Soash and Bari Lanning

By Maureen O'Boyle - bio | email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Fifteen percent of all engagements happen during the month of December.  So, there is a good chance someone you know is planning their nuptials and their honeymoon. 

Now, there is a new twist on an old tradition that lets couples get the honeymoon of their dreams without spending a dime.

"For us, it would help us to have the honeymoon, to ask for this instead because we have the towels and the blenders and all that stuff," said Bari Lanning, WBTV producer and bride-to-be. 

Bari and her fiance, Brian Soash, are using a website called  The site allows couples to let their friends and family help pay for their honeymoon. 

"We have a total of $335 in gifts so far, and our invitations just went out last week," Lanning said while pointing to her registry page. 

Many of these sites have popped up over the last decade, gaining popularity with couples who no longer yearn for a toaster oven.  Instead, they want a cruise or a trip to the beach. 

With sites like Honeymoon Wishes, you can choose the dollar amount options for guests. 

Bari and Brian gave their friends and family the option of $25, $35 or $50 gifts. 

The couple also chose to set up their page on Honeymoon Wishes before the Christmas holiday. 

That gave some of their friends a chance to skip a Christmas present and help buy an excursion instead. 

"We hope to swim with dolphins and go on a stingray dive as well," Lanning said.

Honeymoon registry sites make their money on fees.  Some sites charge the wedding guests or the couple.  With honeymoon Wishes the couple decides who pays the fee.  Fees vary from 3 percent, which is the lowest I found, to as much as 9 percent.   

So, with this new twist on wedding registers couples can now how a honeymoon they might not otherwise have afforded. 

"This is so much better than asking for money, and we are going to have some wonderful memories that will last forever," Lanning said.

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