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The new hiding spot for spam

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Did you know that spam is reaching an all time low?  It's not because cybercreeps have gone vegetarian either.  They are targeting you in tricky ways using social media to lure you in.  Social media site like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are still relatively new to many of us, how do you know what to work for? 

Cybersecurity experts were surprised to learn that spam actually decreased the end of last year.  WBTV's Cyber Expert Theresa Payton warns you that the cybercreeps are just up to new tricks. 

Theresa has some quick tips that take less then a minute but allow you to check links for safety:

  1. Instead of clicking on the link, type the headline into your favorite search engine and connect via the original web site through the search engine link provided.
  2. Use a tool like Norton's safe web tool or ExpandMyURL.  You can type in the link and get a report on the reputation of the site or the link.  Go to:  or


Not sure if your friends and family have sent you a bad link? 

Test out links via services that will decipher the original site.  Two sites you can check are:


Expand My URL:

You can keep up with the latest Facebook scams via three sites:


JUMO.  Jumo is a social networking site for people that like to raise money, follow, and support special causes.  It is available for issues around the globe and was created by one of the former founders of Faceboook.    Interested in supporting sustainable farming or education of your kids?  There's a group for you on Jumo.  Don't find your cause on Jumo?  Then you can add it.  Check it out at


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