More Airport Delays In Charlotte

By Steve Crump - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) -Wednesday's are among the least traveled days of the week at Charlotte Douglas International, but this isn't your typical Wednesday.

For too many airline passengers, it's turned into a midweek crisis.

Eric Salvi is among the many trying to get home to the weather challenged Northeast, but so many flights headed in that direction all share a simple problem.

"It's just cancellation after cancellation." He said.

Massachusetts is his final destination, but getting home means that Eric will have to fly to Albany, New York and drive the distance.

Long faced gazes candidly express emotions of exasperation in an environment where the uneasy waiting has gone from hours to days.

Making connections is what's important on a day like this, and the obvious frustration isn't only restricted to domestic flights.

Simona Stropute faces a tough situation.

She was told by Delta to come back on Thursday.

Her final destination is Copenhagen, Denmark.

"It is very common in Europe," she said. "It's not less frustrating, but its common it happens."

Taking it stride is one way of handling these unexpected changes.

Eric Salvi blames puts all the trouble on a four letter word… snow.

He has a remedy for next year.

"Don't go on vacation in the winter," Salvi said.

Late this evening several Charlotte to Boston flights were canceled.

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