See, Click, Fix: Trash piles up

By John Carter - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - See, Click, Fix is looking into a messy problem in north Charlotte.

A pile of trash, that has really been piling up!

The problem is an overflowing trash dumpster at the Northlake Pavilion which is a recently built complex made up of mixed-use businesses and retail operations off Statesville Road.

The dumpster, in a commons area, is used by all the businesses here.

See, Click, Fix was told the dumpster hadn't been emptied in more than a month and as the trash piled up, we were told rats and other animals began to make visits.  There were concerns about health and safety issues.

So I talked with the manager of the Northlake Pavilion Condominium Association which manages the property.

He told me the downturn in the economy was having an impact on many of the occupants at the complex and the association had been having trouble collecting dues, which in turn pay for trash services at the property.

In other words, the association simply couldn't pay for the trash to be picked up.

However, the problem is now solved.

Just a few days after we shot this video of the dumpster it was emptied.

The association manager tells me he was able to collect enough dues to be able to pay the trash collection service and there should now be regular pickup.

It's interesting to note that the businesses at Northlake Pavilion actually own the space they's like a condominium owner, only these aren't homes, they're businesses.

And just like home owners belong to a home owners association, the businesses belong to a property owners association which takes care of the surrounding property.

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