See, Click, Fix: Is area bad enough for speed humps?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - See, Click, Fix is getting answers about an issue just outside uptown Charlotte.

A viewer wrote See, Click, Fix about traffic along East Worthington Avenue which is a residential street in Charlotte's Dilworth area.

Worthington runs parallel to East Boulevard which has recently undergone traffic pattern changes.  From a four lane, undivided road to a two lane road with a median.

The viewer suggests more motorists are now using Worthington to avoid delays and backups on East Boulevard and says many are exceeding the 25 mph speed limit.  Speed humps would make it safer for residents according to the viewer.

So we contacted the city of Charlotte and asked about getting speed humps along Worthington.  We we learned it is possible, but there are certain criteria that have to be met.

  • A street must be classified as a two-lane, local residential street.
  • Average Weekday Traffic volumes should be greater than 1,000.
  • The speed of 15% of the vehicles should be equal to or greater than five (5) miles over the posted speed limit.
  • Street's current speed limit should be posted as 25 mph if it is a local street.
  • Street should not be a primary emergency response route.

The city will have to make an evaluation to see if Worthington Avenue meets that criteria.

If there's a street you think needs speed humps, contact the Char-Meck call center at 311 and request an evaluation.

We'll let you know what happens along Worthington Avenue.