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On the Road: Charlotte Chamber Music

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CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Each month hundreds fill the pews of a local church to see musicians from all over the country, without spending a cent. Charlotte Chamber Music brings new themes and different musicians each time. That is what keeps locals like Linda Freeman coming back.

"I've been coming for the last several years, regularly when I can," she said.

"This is a chance to hear some of the best musicians in the country right here in Charlotte, and for free," said artistic director, Henry Lebedinsky. He grew up with an appreciation for music, and a desire to share it with others. "I grew up in a poor immigrant family. I came here from Russia, and every week we went to the symphony. We had back row balcony seats," he said.

Lebedinsky enjoyed the music, but he wasn't able to experience it up close. So, he made it his mission to give others the experience he never had. "That's why I do this. I want to be able to share this great music with everybody."

He says many aren't getting the exposure they need.

"With the budget cuts in our schools we're no longer being exposed to art music on a level. The only music so many people hear is the top 40 on the radio, if that."

That's why Charlotte Chamber Music provides two free concerts the first Tuesday of every month. Freeman says they've been a huge hit.

"I enjoy these concerts always, but this one was especially enjoyable because I enjoy baroque music."

"You don't have to dress up you don't have to be anybody but yourself, and that's the beauty of it," said Lebedinsky. "Come as you are and let the music move you."

It's sure to leave your toes a tapping and your face a smiling.

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From Russia With Love -January 4, 2011

12:10p.m. / 5:30p.m. First Presbyterian Church, Charlotte NC

From its earliest origins, Russian art music has always had a strong Nationalistic vein, paying homage to Russia's rich legacy of folk music in everything from piano pieces to operas. Borodin's rich and sonorous Quintet in F minor is paired with Tchaikovsky's String Quartet in One Movement, based on a Ukrainian folk melody.

Alexander Borodin: String Quintet in F minor
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky: String Quartet in Bb (in one mvmt)

Kari Giles, violin; Elina Lev, violin; Viara Stefanova, viola; Philip von Maltzahn, cello; Joy Payton, cello

Hear chamber music concert in a private living room on sunday, January 9 at 4pm -unique experience and part of our Living Room Concert series. Other dates: Feb 27, April 3 and May 1

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