Girl doing well after visit from hospital angel

By Sarah Batista - bio l email -

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) -  A teenager who recovered from having pneumonia after an angel appeared in her hospital room two years ago, is doing well.

Chelsea Banton still enjoys watching the news coverage of her miraculous recovery two years ago.

"I just think it was divine intervention," said Colleen Banton, her mother.

Chelsea's story caught WBTV's attention when her mother captured an image of an angel on a hospital monitor. The teen was battling pneumonia and wasn't expected to survive.

Colleen still believes it's the angel that saved Chelsea's life.

"In fact, the doctors had said she wasn't coming home," said Colleen.

The image appeared just as doctor's planned to remove Chelsea's ventilator. Within days, her condition improved.

And now the teen, who also has cerebral palsy, is doing better than ever.

"She understands when your talking and she even laughs when there is a joke and she gets it pretty quick. That's a lot different," said Colleen.

Chelsea's Christmas miracle captured the hearts of Americans nationwide.

People sent emails and letters wishing her well. Today, she's still a star.

"When we're out in the public and we'll go somewhere and they'll say 'you look familiar' and then we start to tell them who she is and they can't believe it's the same child," said Colleen.

Even Colleen marvels at her daughter's progress, but she's certain what she saw was none other than a true angel.

Chelsea will celebrate her 17th birthday on Christmas day.