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See, Click, Fix: Looking into cause of water main break

By Christine Nelson - bio l email

Charlotte, NC (WBTV) - Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities pulled out all the stops to try to get a handle on this one on Park Road, near Selwyn Avenue.

We talked to one nearby witness by phone who saw, what he described as, Niagara Falls near the Little Sugar Creek Bridge.

"(I) saw this massive plume of water coming from underneath the bridge into the roadway," says Robert Frame who lives nearby.

Frame also called 311 and our newsroom to try to bring this to someone's attention. He even snapped a picture which he says still didn't do what he saw justice.

"If these were gallons of water coming out per minute I would say...I couldn't count that fast. 800 to a thousand gallons per minute were just blasting through there," says Frame.

One outbound lane had to be blocked while crews worked. In fact that lane was eventually redirected to lanes going north. Lucky Lou's Tavern Restaurant was completely out of water. So was a nearby office park. They were eventually connected to a temporary line.

While CMUD's media person told us that the break was fixed and all lanes are back open. Talking to Robert later Wednesday afternoon he still saw crews and lots of equipment on the scene.

We asked CMUD what the cause of the break was. CMUD says it doesn't know. But we talked to one of the first crew members on the scene, who speculates the sudden drop in temperature may have been the culprit behind the pipe breaking.

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