NC DOT prepares for possible weekend snow

By Sarah Batista - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Work crews are preparing for the possibility of snow falling on Christmas day.

The State Department of Transportation says it's already gearing up for a busy weekend.

Preliminary plans are in the works to ensure the blades and plows are ready on each truck.

"We're loading up our sand, mixing up our brine, we'll have our trucks ready to go," said Jen Thompson of the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

Thompson say the NC DOT could have as many as 90 trucks preparing the roads.

The snow isn't expected to arrive until Saturday, but work crews will likely begin spraying salt and brine on the roads on Friday.

Crews have been asked to remain on standby.

"We have to be prepared to change our plans on a moments notice," said Thompson.

According to national forecasters, Charlotte has a one percent chance of a White Christmas in an average year.

The last time area saw measurable snow on Christmas was in 1947.