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Stretching Your Dollar

Help your belongings last longer

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Sometimes viewers and co-workers send me story ideas and suggestions for my Stretching Your Dollar segment.  Jamie Boll our First at 4:00 and 5:30 anchor found an interesting list on how to save on  The web site found some simple things all of us can do to make our 'stuff last longer'.

One of the web site's suggestions relates to our shoes and how to keep them pristine in the winter.  I found similar advice when I visited Dean's Shoe Repair on Selwyn Avenue.  Cobbler Mohamed Mahfoze suggests you stay on top of repairs needed.  A small whole can cause a big problem.  If you keep your shoes cleaned and polished and apply water resistant spray you will certainly protect them from winter's harsh conditions.  But an interesting point from was to make sure when you walk inside from the snow or rain, you dry your shoes completely.  That, the site says, will add miles to your shoes life.

Speaking of miles, tires cost a pretty penny and recommend you start by making sure the tires you buy are the appropriate ones for your car.  Once you have the correct fit, make sure you keep them rotated and properly inflated.

Jeans are meant to last, but there are ways to make them last even longer. turned to the premier denim expert, Dr. Denim, who suggests you hold off washing your jeans as long as possible.  Dr. Denim suggests you spot clean your jeans and never use dryer balls as they will beat the life right out of your favorite jeans.

If you would like to read the entire list click here and happy savings!

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