Mrs. Hanes' hand-made Moravian cookies

CLEMMONS, NC (WBTV) - Baking cookies is a Christmas tradition for many Carolina families, but we found one North Carolina family that spends all year making cookies.

At Mrs. Hanes' Hand-Made Moravian Cookies near Clemmons, North Carolina, they make about 100,000 pounds of cookies a year! The flavors are ginger, sugar, lemon, chocolate, black walnut, and butterscotch.

"We're the last people making the Moravian cookies by hand," says Mr. Travis Hanes, owner of the business.

"In a pound of cookies, there's approximately 100 cookies…rolled by hand, cut by hand, put on the cookie sheet by hand, put on the rack by hand, put in the oven, taken out, and packed by hand," he says.

The Hanes' business is full of tradition.  Families near and far buy the hand-made cookies year after year.  Many employees come back year after year as well.  Some have been working at the business for more than thirty years.

Mr. and Mrs. Hanes met in high school and have been together ever since.  As for the cookie factory idea, Mr. Hanes says it was all Mrs. Hanes idea.

He says, "She said if you make the dough, I'll make the cookies. And I was to sell the cookies and give her the dough. We've operated that same way all these years."

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