See, Click, Fix: Not-so-good news for intersection project

By Christine Nelson - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - This is the intersection at Eastfield Road and Asbury Chapel Road. There are plenty of cones, barricades and construction equipment. But not a soul is in place, working on getting the intersection complete.

On the See, Click, Fix page at we're told, "Weeks will go by with no workers present or work being done."

It's what's frustrating many drivers who travel this stretch. Especially since this 1.1 million dollar project by the state is supposed to ease congestion by adding a stop light, turn lanes and intersection simplification.

But here's where the snag is:

*NC-DOT says it's just about done with the project except the road has to be re-surfaced.

*For that to happen, the temperature has to be above 45 degrees.

Another snafu, December 15 is NC-DOT's end of seasonal limitations. Meaning it could have to wait as late as March before putting the final touches on this spot.

So right now the project is in a holding pattern because it's in a "weather-dependent" phase.  Therefore NC-DOT couldn't give a specific date of completion.

NC-DOT says an engineer could override the stipulation of re-surfacing only when it's above 45 degrees. But it is up to the engineer to make that call.

If we hear of any other progress we'll let you know.

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