See, Click, Fix: Which Direction?

By John Carter - bio l email

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - See, Click, Fix is looking for answers about"which way to go?" We're looking into a question raised by a viewer who wrote See, Click, Fix.

It involves the intersection of North Hoskins Road and Brookshire Boulevard in north Charlotte.

As you approach the Brookshire from Hoskins on the east side there are three lanes but only two of them are marked with painted directional arrows.

The left lane has a left turn arrow.  The right lane shows a combination straight/right turn arrow.  But there is NO directional arrow in the middle lane.

And that's the problem a viewer writes See, Click, Fix: "I see people break the law here at least once a day. Turning left in the straightaway lane. Could they not make 2 left turn lanes. It would help the congestion in the left turn lane..."

Since there is no directional arrow painted in the middle lane drivers may feel they can go straight or left.

So the question we would ask a traffic engineer: would it be less confusing if there were a directional arrow painted in the middle lane that reinforces which direction you're supposed to go at the intersection?  And would that make the intersection safer?

We have contacted the Charlotte Department of Transportation to get answers about the intersection.

As soon as we get a response we'll let you know what engineers say and then we can get this problem fixed.

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