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Preacher helps homeless sleeping out in the cold

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ROCK HILL, SC (WBTV) - As people battle the frigid temperatures this week, sadly there are many people who are forced to sleep out in the cold at night without a warm place to go. 

One Rock Hill preacher is making it his mission to help people who are forced to sleep outside in the elements.

Early Tuesday morning, the temperature was only 17 degrees outside when we found Dr. Ronal King hitting the streets with a prayer and a flash light.

Every morning and night, he searches for homeless people under bridges in York and Chester counties.

"We don't want anyone freezing to death on our watch," said King.

Tuesday morning, King didn't find anyone sleeping under bridges, but he did find a lot of evidence they have been sleeping and eating there.

"We gave these out three days ago," said King holding a can of food he gave out to the needy three days earlier.

King checks mostly the bridges near food sources like gas stations and fast food restaurants.

While looking through some left-behind belongings, King found a board in which someone used to sleep on which contained a message.

"It says 'I have a criminal past and present,' and a lot of times, it reveals what's going on in their lives," said King.

Just to make sure the public is safe, King immediately notified the police and moved on.

"We're not only spreading love, but kind of keeping control of what's going on in our community," said King.

King has been looking after the homeless for 38 years and, recently, because of the economy, he has seen a new type of homeless.

"It's the people who had money, who had houses now sleeping in $30,000 BMWs," said King.

As the sun comes up, King's search isn't over.  He also checked a wooded areas where he found a person living in a tent.

"I didn't come to run you out, I've come to make sure you're living," said King to the person in the tent.

He gave the man some blankets, drinks and a few dollars for food, and then the man went back to his tent.

"He's just one of hundreds out here," said King.

That's why King will continue hitting the road every night.

Dr. King runs a non-profit organization called Christians Feed the Hungry in Rock Hill.  If you would like to help him continue his good work, you can call him directly at 803-417-3881.

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